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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India (and the education required)

Justifying all those hard-working days of your formal education is very important. You should choose a career that will pay for your hard-worked days. Money is one of the most important factors to choose a job.

While these high paying jobs are available in private sector with higher pay, never underestimate the prestige it brings to work under Government sector enterprise (taka a look at our Private vs Govt jobs post here). So, if you are looking for an attractive salary then here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India curated by Sarkari jobs team:

  1. Software Engineers

In today’s digitalized world, the demands for highly skilled IT professionals are increasing day by day by numerous MNC companies like Facebook, Amazon. Google, Microsoft, and so on. So, pursuing a career as IT professionals will be a good idea if you are looking for the highest paid jobs.

Salary Range- 7 Lacs to 50 Lacs based on the experience level.

Qualification Required- The applicants should have an engineering degree from a reputed institute to get recruited as IT professionals. 

  1. Doctors

With the rise of the various diseases and infections, the demands for doctors and surgeons are at the top. The salaries of doctors and surgeons are usually considered as one of the highest-paid jobs.

Salary Range- Depending on the experience, the salary ranges from 10 Lacs to 24 Lacs. 

Qualification Required- MBBS or BMBS degree is generally required for this post. 

  1. Merchant Navy

This post can be a challenging one as spending over 6 to 9 months at sea is quite difficult. However, if you are a sea or ocean lover then this job is the perfect one for you.

Salary Range- The salary package starts from 30,000 INR per month to 1.5 Lacs per month.

Qualification Required- The maximum qualification required for this job is 12 pass with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as the main subjects. 

  1. Indian Foreign Services

Indian Foreign Services is usually conducted by UPSC every year to recruit applicants for various posts like IAS, IFS, and IPS.

Salary Range- The salary package starts with 50,000 INR per month.

Qualification Required- A graduation degree is generally required. 

  1. Data Scientists

The demands for data professionals are increasing day by day and in the upcoming years, there will be numerous recruitments for data scientists by the reputed business companies.

Salary Range- The salary ranges from 5 Lacs to 25 Lacs annually.

Qualification Required- The applicants should have a graduation degree in mathematics or statistics or computer science.

Did you know, Government of India is currently recruiting candidates for all these vacancies? Here’s the list of all Government jobs in India that you must check out.

  1. Chartered Accountant

From a start-up company to multinational companies, the needs of the chartered accountants are in high demand.

Salary Range- For CA, the salary package starts from 11 lacs/annum to 15 lacs/annum.

Qualification Required- Graduation or Post-graduation degree in Commerce with a minimum of 55% marks.

  1. Investment Banker

If you are thinking to be an investment banker then it won’t be a bad idea. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in India.

Salary Range- The salary starts from 4 LPA to 40 LPA. 

Qualification Required- An applicant should have a bachelor’s degree in Finance or Mathematics or Business Administration or Economics.

  1. Commercial Pilots

Being the most glamorous job, the salary of commercial pilots is quite good. An individual needs to physically strong and fit to become a pilot.

Salary Range- The salary for the pilot is 16 Lacs annually.  

Qualification Required- Graduation degree in aviation, aircraft operation, and aeronautical engineering.

  1. Cyber Security Professionals

Living in a digitalized world, the requirements for cyber security professionals are in high demand to protect all vital data from cybercrimes.

Salary Range- The salary ranges from 6 Lacs to 30 Lacs. 

Qualification Required- Bachelors’ degree in Statistics, mathematics, and computer science.

  1.   Management Consultant

To resolve all challenges faced during businesses, many companies are looking forward to recruit management consultants.

Salary Range- The average salary is 11,49,770 Lacs per annum.  

Qualification Required- Graduation or post-graduation degree in any of the subjects related to business fields. 

Overall, these are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India. So, choose any profession from here according to your education qualification to earn a handsome salary.