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Govt vs. Private Jobs in India – which one is better?

Every middle-class Indian’s prime concern is to get Govt jobs. This is a perpetual dilemma of whether to opt for a Government job or a private job. However, both positions have various pros and cons. The constant argument is about Govt jobs are immensely secure while private jobs in India are paid more. 

Today’s situation demonstrates to us that we are back in the era where Govt. jobs are starting to allure us again. Therefore, this article by Sarkari job portal is all about to set forth the detailed about why Government jobs are better in general than private jobs.

Government vs Private Jobs in India: Government jobs are better in general and this is because:

1. Job security:

The most significant reason for choosing Govt. jobs is its acute security. We have been well observing the current pandemic situation where private job employees are laying off from their jobs. On the other hand, Govt. jobs employees’ job position remains intact, and they are getting paid the whole amount in the month-end.

2. Pay Structure:

Previously Govt. jobs have been paying sufficiently low monetary amenities. But with the advent of the 6th pay commission, the entire scenario has been converted for good. However, the pay structure is the most leading factor for any job seekers. Therefore, such an introduction of the 6th pay commission, the remuneration of a Govt. employee, is in parity with the private sector.

3. Comparatively better work-life balance:

Govt employees have fixed duty hours, and on the other hand, private jobs are possessing mainly flexible hours of working. They have to work in different shifts. Nevertheless, RBI has taken the initiative to break those stereotypes and bring forth flexible working hours for their employees. 

Albeit, private offices possess lingering working hours than govt. Offices. Majority of the govt. Offices possess a maximum of 7 hours of working. Whereas, the private offices mainly have 9-10 hours of duty hours. Moreover, the number of check-in hours is rigorous, unlike govt. Offices. 

4. More leaves and Flexibility:

We are all acquainted with the fact that Govt. jobs possess more leave policy than private companies do. The total numbers of leaves are unbelievable, and authorizations of leaves are also a hassle-free process. Most importantly, you will be paid on those long leave periods.

However, most of the private companies will not provide you with leave the facility of more than 20 days in a year. The sanction of leaves will also depend upon your previous leave history and workload.

5. Amenities and Perks:

What are those perks and benefits that a govt employee gets? All the govt. Employees are benefitted with amazing pension schemes, retirement amenities, medical facilities, loans, and so on. On the contrary, some of the biggest private enterprises provide some of the facilities, but the majority don’t offer these much. Pension scheme of a govt. Sector makes it stand out amid the private sectors as those employees only are paid until certain ages.  

6. Work stress:

Private jobs are more strenuous when compared to govt jobs. The top management continually accesses you, and if you are unable to perform well, you may fire. Such kind of pressure has never been seen in the govt sector. Whenever the word load is high, a private employee has to work for extra hours, which is quite hectic.   

Final thoughts

It is obvious that people will more incline towards govt. jobs more than private ones due to such privileges. Nevertheless, in this era of competition, you have to be prepared enough to get a govt. job. Apart from these facilities, a govt employee will acquire an inevitable salary increment, more respect, internet & telephone subscription facility, and so on! 

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