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IGCSE Schools in Chennai

According to 2022 survey, there are 40 plus schools are affiliated to IGCSE curriculum. One of the best IGCSE school in Chennai is campus k the next generation school which is in Sholinganallur Chennai. Let’s briefly know about campus K and its benefits.

Firstly, campus K is a K-12 progressive school that is effectively utilizing innovation to control the quest for knowledge. Acquiring antiquated intelligence with the resourcefulness of innovation and the aptitude of academicians and kid advancement analysts, Campus K gives an instructive ecosystem that encourages the upcoming age of pioneers. Every student is educated in a way that sets them up for this present reality world.

Secondly, the Campus K edge gives the students a move forward by defeating the difficulties presented by customary organizations of controlled educating. Campus K will follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) board, which is commonly known as IGCSE, alongside the standards spread out by Project Based Learning and Personalized Learning Plans to guarantee that each student flourishes to the best of their ability.

Why Campus k is the best place for your child education growth?

In Campus K, they comprehend the changing requirements of education in the 21st century and assume the test of distinguishing every student’s unique potential to make them world-class pioneers and innovators. In Campus k the learning spaces, educational plan, innovation and hierarchical construction are explicitly designed to help this vision of our own. The three centre pillars of Campus K are,

                         1) Personalized Learning Plans (PLP)

                         2) Project Based Learning (PBL)

                         3) Flexible Learning Spaces

Personalized Learning Plans:

In Campus K, they accept that every child is unique and learns in their own particular manner. They are inspired by the directing way of thinking of ‘Personalized Learning’ for future leaders. Personalization helps address every student as a individual learner. By personalization we make a modified and unique learning plan for every student in view of their learning styles, learning necessities, learning pace, enthusiasm, and interests. This degree of personalization permits a child to approach what they need when they need it.

Project Based Learning:

Project based learning (PBL) inspires students to associate their learning in the study hall to its applications in the world of reality. Students are occupied in researching and taking care of a genuine issue, and show up at an answer utilizing proof to help their case, and present the arrangement by developing a public item or show for a genuine audience.

Flexible Learning Spaces:

Campus K is worked around an exceptional floor plan that backings and energizes varied styles of instructing (to a huge gathering, to little gatherings, group instructing, balanced educating, Socratic course method) and varied sorts of learning (self-study, project-based, blended age learning, and so on)

Campus K is the first IGCSE schools in Chennai to have this sort of design where educational plan and learning spaces are lined up with one another.

Campus K Innovative Education Program:

campus k has unique and inventive procedures are organized to develop the student’s capacity to convey, use rationale and thinking to analyse and work together actually. Modelled as projects, these exercises are outlined to offer insightful and significant information to students on important subjects. Campus K carry out the Project Based Learning (PBL) process. Each project adds to guarantee the student gets all encompassing instruction to develop their general abilities and be prepared to face genuine difficulties.

Campus K helps their students to develop self-confidence and independence by creatively spend their time working with others and also on their own. They enhance student curiosity and exploratory nature through various tools, materials and activities. They also enabling the student physical, social and emotional development through physical exercises, motor activities and play. Improving inner strength, will-power and empathy for other beings through activities is an immersive outdoor natural environmental program, which is given to each child by campus K.

Campus K programs pursue building self-assurance and independence in students by giving them the opportunity to rehearse on projects that include drive and obligation.

Every task is loaded up with multi-tangible, genuine experiences which assists them with significant bits of knowledge into life. Their deft personalities are likewise helped different leverage to use on their normal tendencies to effectively adjust and learn new languages. Finally, Campus K proves that one of the best IGCSE school in Chennai and also follows Cambridge syllabus by positioning as one of the Cambridge Syllabus schools in Chennai. Their customized curriculum is created to match each learner’s needs makes campus K different from other schools.