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Why the Government jobs are in demand amid COVID-19 pandemic?

Today’s situation is very difficult for anyone to fathom. People in India are vulnerable to Corporate threats and job laying’s! COVID- 19 is a major threat factor! There is a major study among people and the survey conducted has shown that the majority of the job seekers are worried about embracing Corporate jobs! The students who are onto preparing for competitive government jobs are rising!

The respondents are the new age who are focusing on government jobs! Age factor could be starting from 18-30 years! All the professionals emerging from different walks of life! The survey was conducted across 10 cities Pan-India! It has justified the present outbursts of the new age job seekers and their dilemmas!

The total job scenario has been changed:

 The new-age job seekers are very talented and do not want to give up themselves even if it is a TATA or Godrej or even an Ambani conglomerate! There is no job security!! Most of them would like to go for the defensive jobs or any other government offerings!

A test-preparation platform was conducted by competitive government tests, say JEE, NEET and NDA, Khadakwasla or Pune. There is, of course, an immense sense of belief that job security exists only with Indian government jobs! The study was conducted by a portal named Adda 247. 

But they are alone not to be blamed! Many job portals echo the same opinion! If one joins a Government organization, there will be no pay cuts and salaries will be on time and there is a sense of security! 

The demand is unbelieving like more than 85% are opting for Government jobs and the parents are coaxing their children about embracing these jobs!

The Government jobs were looked down upon earlier due to heavy packages by various private sector companies offering lucrative salaries and perks. Today COVID-19 has changed the scenario of job markets altogether.

Why this sudden turn of events?

Parents would like to see that their off-springs settle into a comfortable position in life. The goings will be of no good if they stray into corporate tempting, which are trembling due to the robust economic slowdown imposed by the pre- and post-Corona scenarios!

The western countries are affected the most! Students embarking on a safe and lucrative career, which the west was offering are in a disastrous situation. No one knows, when they will be asked to return to their country of origin and then despite the laughing situation created by the relatives and jealous compatriots, there will be no other method, but just looking at the sky and counting the stars!

The US administration with Trump at the helm of affairs and many other EU countries are hoping that their tribe survive first!

H1 B visa control has demonstrated the vulnerability of the US administration that, no matter what their citizens come first, when it matters the most!

So, what will the aspiring student who needs a promising career will do?

 Just jumping on to the bandwagon of making a career in the western countries has gone for a toss! 

That’s, where the Indian Central Government jobs have come to the rescue. Leave alone the perks, at least the salary is guaranteed, moreover, the hard-earned money of the parents will be returned rupee by rupee!

The smile has been deprived on the faces of the new aspiring students who are on a job-hunting spree and there is only an alternative available now, of serving the Indian Government!

The lockdown period has taught each and every one a bitter and disciplined lesson for life! The job terminations and a pink slip being handed over in no uncertain times is a huge nightmare, which was not bargained by any new job seekers!

So, what is the alternative? Everyone needs to embark on a secure career and also try to be a successful person in life. 

The only option available today, for at least a three years’ maximum, is opted for a secure Indian Government job!

It was a case of pennywise or pound foolish earlier, but COVID-19 has ensured that make a living wisely and securely with your pennies and the pounds will follow. 

Not only that, but the wise have also plunged into farming, which is a promising business as the Indian government has already proclaimed a growth of 5% this year and the discarded lands of the country have seen a heavy influx of youngsters smiling and engaging themselves into it! 

The new-age job seekers who shun farming or any other self-imprisonment are vogues to join the government services! There is money and job security also an immense promise of living with their heads held high!

Who has scored now?

 Of course, the Indian government! The tables are turned and the new age job seekers who wanted to go for greener pastures are seeking their greens in their backyard itself! 

COVID-19 has taught one and sundry to be self-reliant and how? Just do not please jump the gun but love thy country!! The best alternative is serving your own Country!