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Millions of Job Seekers Face ‘Uncertain’ Future as Govt Exams in India are Deferred Due to COVID-19

At no other time has there been a catastrophe hitting the globe that saps lives and destroys livelihoods! Many large organizations around the world are hopeless. The economic jam has lost confidence in business tycoons as well as workers!

How can the COVID – 19 situation save government workers? It is a tragic circumstance. This pandemic and the blockade have caused the longings of thousands of people who needed to go to these government professions to evaporate! It’s the heating surface problem now!


Because of this, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), which conducts exams for civil services recruitment, has deferred the preliminary examinations, and this has begun to tell government job seekers! Only large recruitments from enemy banks are taking place! All the tests that are conducted for the Personnel Selection Commission (SSC) for different central government positions and the trial of different Public Service commissions are planned very soon, perhaps in a month!


The reason for this is that the Government lacks funds! The situation has gone beyond control and just focusing on all the energies in the pandemic and the blockade has hit the government vertically! The financial scenario is based only on agricultural income and excise taxes based on alcohol sales!

No income from land sales, entertainment, product sales, or any other source! Even the EMI of loan borrowers and the GST has been kept aside for citizens, so they can focus and help the government fight the scenario created by the pandemic in a healthy state of mind.

While some central and state government organizations continue to issue notifications and thousands of government jobs continue to be posted on, the number of vacancies has surely gone down by more than 60-70% as compared to last year around the same time.

Conclusive results ALREADY DELAYED!

The IBPS wanted to report the conclusive results of certain tests conducted a year ago in the first week of April. IBPS has explained the postponement due to the collapse of COVID-19 and has set another date for the results as well!

Around five lakhs of candidates consistently applied for the Civil Service Exams (CSE) for around 700 to 800 positions. This incorporates IAS and IPS too! What is to come is extremely daunting for anyone trying to work in the Government!


There are numerous instances of students from various backgrounds! A BTech graduate who attended the interview said the procedure had not been completed due to the crash!

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission postponed the main review of Group I benefits.

There is a smart view. Director of the Vepa Academy and former Director of the National School of Banking, as he told a well-known business magazine “Currently there is vulnerability due to the blockade and the rules of social distancing that interviews and exams will not take place! out very soon!

Many hopeful job seekers are concerned! Rohan Roy, a BITS Pilani graduate, has revealed that he quit his valuable job at an MNC software organization and was planning a remaining civil service exam at a hostel! Currently, he is confused since there is no future in presenting himself and exceeding expectations and in no way occupying a new position in the Government.

In this regard, every student today is concerned about the future with valuable and promising future government jobs! The circumstance is horrible.