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Looking for Government jobs in India? You are not alone and here why?

Are you looking forward to grabbing Government Jobs? Denizens of India possess the subtle inclination towards ‘Sarkari Naukri.’ Why shouldn’t they want? The most secured jobs amidst all after all!

Nobody would ever say ‘NO’ to any Govt. jobs. Although it is tough to crack exams, yet its captivating salary structure and amenities allure every graduate. Let it be from any discipline, such as BA, B.Com, B.SC, MBA, BE / B.Tech, etc. Here every aspiring graduate is dreamt of getting Govt. job.

Why do Indians prefer Government Jobs?

Well, there are innumerable reasons why SaralGovtJobs are so popular in India. Here are some exact reasons illustrated below:

1. Guaranteed Monthly Salary:

COVID-19 Pandemichas confiscated too many jobs, and people are now jobless in this acute situation. Various MNC’s are firing their employees, as they did not make any profit. The case is far more advanced in Govt. jobs, employees are paid on time, and the monthly salary is guaranteed.

But, the situation is adverse in the case of private jobs. If the company is unable to make any profit, then they will not pay the salary to its employees. Therefore, Government jobs are the best!

2. Comparatively Less workload:

Once you have successfully cracked the entrance and the entire hiring process, you are eligible to get a Govt. job. Now no one can fire you, and if talking about the workload of any Govt. jobs, this is inconsiderable, and you would enjoy the working environment.  

However, in the private sector, top management will regularly evaluate you if you fit for the workload or not. If not, you will have to bid ‘goodbye’! Nevertheless, who does not want a hassle-free working environment in Govt. sector? That is the leading reason why Govt. jobs are so popular in India.  

3. Lifetime Pension:

The fascinating thing about Govt. jobs is you are eligible for a lifelong pension after your retirement. That is why you do not have to rely upon your children and other life insurance schemes.

Moreover, you do not have to work elsewhere, taking the excess burden that you should do for your daily living. You and your husband/wife enjoy this pension amenity until one of them is alive. After the death of one partner, another one is eligible to get the pension, which is half of the pension amount.

4. Free Allowances:

A Govt. job will ensure you that you will get dearness and traveling allowances every year. You can happily travel to any cities free of cost by railways. Most importantly, you will be eligible to get a bonus or DA every year if there is any price hike is observed. That means everything is taken good care of by the Government. This is also an important reason why Indians prefer a Govt. job. 

5. Enjoy all the holidays:

Well, the most impressive factor of getting into a Govt. job is that you will get to enjoy all the important holidays in a year. Here you will get a summer and winter vacation of a total of 70 days. Moreover, you can also apply for your leave.

The best part is that you will be paid whenever you are on leave. Therefore, such massive lists of holidays make Govt. jobs so significant and famous amid people!


Therefore, you see the reasons behind people’s craze for Govt. jobs. The excitement is quite familiar as who does not want to grab all these conveniences. Once you become a Govt. employee, you will get substantial social acceptability. Apart from that, there are also truckloads of conveniences that Govt. provides their employees.